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Open the Door to the Convenience of Mobile IV Therapies

A popular new health treatment has arrived in Downtown Boca. IV2You provides state of the art integrative medicine services in the convenience of their office, your home or office, your hotel room or any other location with comfortable space to relax. In short, mobile IV infusion therapies help to hydrate, revive, detox, beautify, relieve stress and more.

What is the benefit of IV therapy versus traditional oral medicines?

One major advantage of receiving IV hydration and IV nutrient replacement is the immediacy of the benefits received.  Although our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients through our gastrointestinal tract, many things can make this process substantially less effective.  Age, the use of prescription drugs and over the counter medications, alcohol consumption, ingestion of foods to which we are sensitive, and stress can all contribute to decreased gastrointestinal nutrient absorption.  In addition, for individuals experiencing active dehydration, such as nausea/vomiting, sweating from excessive exercise, or decreased oral intake due to illness, IV therapies are the best way to quickly and effectively provide rehydration.  Also, higher doses of fluids and nutrients can be given by IV therapies than by the oral route.

For those with busy schedules, IV therapies make sense. No traveling to and from a clinic or doctor’s office. The therapies themselves last from just 20-45 minutes, making it easy to find the time. Plus, each session is conducted and monitored by a licensed health care professional, and directed by IV2You’s medical director, Dr. Lena Edwards, who has two decades of experience and training in both internal and integrative medicine.

Ready to try it? There are a variety of treatments available, including:

This unique IV formulation contains IV B-Complex, IV B12, IV Vitamin C, and other select vitamins and minerals designed to help support mitochondrial function and promote optimal cellular function by providing important cofactors for many metabolic pathways.  This IV therapy contains many of the same ingredients as a basic Myer’s Cocktail but the doses are higher and other nutrients, such as folic acid, potassium, and mineral complex, are added.

This skin enhancing therapy improves skin tone, texture, and pigmentation, and helps improve fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition to B-vitamins, folic acid, and magnesium, this IV contains the important anti-oxidant nutrients Glutathione and Vitamin C, both of which are well known to improve skin health.

Whether you are getting ready for a big night out with friends or you have already enjoyed an evening out and need some relief before your next day, the 2 Revive IV hangover therapy helps you get back on track.  This IV hydration therapy contains Lactated Ringers and important electrolytes which help to rehydrate while neutralizing acidity.  IV Magnesium and IV B-complex nutrients, which are depleted during alcohol consumption, are added.

Stress…it is something we are constantly bombarded with and constantly trying to distance ourselves from. This specially formulated IV contains important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help your body modify the stress response in a positive way.  One key ingredient is Taurine, a very effective anti-stress amino acid.  Another is GABA, a neurotransmitter which helps reduce a heightened stress response to lower cortisol levels and calm your system.

For those who like to work out, dehydration can happen quickly and you may not notice it right away.  Dehydration in this setting is especially problematic because it can cause reduced blood volume, decreased blood flow to the skin, decreased sweating, decreased heat loss, increased core body temperature, and increased rate of muscle glycogen use.  All of these side effects will definitely defeat your gains and make your work out much less efficient and potentially dangerous. Our IV hydration therapy contains 500 ml of fluids which closely resemble the electrolyte balance of our own bodily fluids making it an ideal way to rehydrate your tissues.

Travel can be quite draining, especially when you are traveling across multiple time zones.  Dehydration can be a particularly common problem among travelers due not only to reduced intake of water but also because of alcohol and caffeine consumption during travel times.  This is especially problematic with airline travel.  Jet lag can often be unavoidable for travelers, especially during long-distance travel.  Our 2-Refuel IV hydration formulation contains 500 milliliters of fluids mixed with minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins which will not only rehydrate you but also provide you with essential nutrients your biological clock needs to get back into rhythm.

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